Tourist activities between Monsaraz and Evora

In the surroundings of our guest rooms with pool, unforgettable hikes in the surrounding Alentejo countryside are available to you. Nature, historical and tourist heritage discovery trails abound on foot or by bike. Land of culture and tradition, the Alentejo region is rich in discoveries and naturally stands out as a privileged destination for your holidays and authentic tourism. Many traditional festivals punctuate the seasons, so numerous that it is impossible to list them all, for example:), “vinireguengos" local wine fair (June) in Reguengos de Monsaraz – our guest rooms are located only 7km from this locality, for all reservations and rentals for this festive period, we offer special rate conditions-, feira de Santa Maria at Reguengos de Monsaraz in August- a major celebration of the summer season, colorful and traditional, Festas em Honra de N.Sra. do Rosario in São Pedro Corval (mid-August to early September) – São Pedro Corval is a potters’ village, quickly and easily accessible from our villa and our guesthouses-, Festas do Sr Jesus dos Paços in Monsaraz , a medieval village with authentic and picturesque charm just 15 minutes from our guest rooms, a destination for different tourism, a must-see, Evora Classica Festival in Evora of course! A classical music festival in the Paço Gardens in the Palacio Cadaval in August. Evora, a city listed as World Heritage Site, is THE perfect destination for a different discovery of the Alentejo. Our guest rooms are located only 35 minutes from Evora – capital of the Alentejo!
Here, all your senses are awakened as the smells, colors, tastes are infinite. Your emotions are awakened with each step, discover or rediscover another Alentejo, that of the heart and passions …

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